About Us

A.L. Carr Agency is named after its founder, Albert Lewis Carr who incorporated the firm in 1931.The Empire State Building was opened in the same year. Originally based in downtown New York, A.L. Carr Agency grew to over 100 employees by the start of World War II.

We provided insurance for our clients and other insurance brokers during those years. Albert’s nephews Harold, Walter, and Larry became the agency’s management throughout the 50’s, 60’s, and seventies.

The Carr family moved the firm to Long Island in the early seventies. We concentrated exclusively on our clientele and expanded our bonding and group medical departments.

Our firm provided one stop shopping for all commercial and personal customers. Selecting the proper carriers for our clients needs produces $SAVINGS$ in premium and beneficial long term relationships which can withstand the ups and downs of the industry.

Philip Corrigan joined the firm in 1976 and became President and CEO in 1981. The Corrigan family still maintains leadership today, with the addition of Paul Corrigan, and is proud to be able to continue the legacy of service and strength for its customers.